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The Laguna
Indian Cuisine is a combination of subtle tastes. Fragrant and exotic spices are delicately blended to create the dishes we present to you.
These dishes are of Northern Indian origin and are prepared in our restaurant exactly as in our homes.
Each dish will have its own distinctive flavour and aroma which cannot come from any curry powder but from spices and herbs specially prepared by ourselves.

The Tandoor

North India's traditional clay oven is probably the most versatile kitchen equipment in the world. One cannot make a decent bread without one, nor can one savour the popular kebabs.

The traditional Tandoor is a clay oven fired by charcoal. During the last decade we have seen the advent of gas and electric Tandoors.

It goes without saying that neither of these innovations is capable of achieving the flavour and aroma that comes from the traditional clay oven.


Laguna Tandoori Restaurant
43 Mount Street. Nottingham. NG1 6HE
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